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Anti Ageing

Anti Ageing

Ageing is an ongoingphenomena. With age, the skin begins to deteriorate and gradually lose its function and appearance.  The underlying layers of collagen, which give it the firmness and elasticity begin to gradually break down, leading to sagging of the skin, dark spots and pigments, and dull, lusterless skin.  

This causes cosmetic and psychological concerns, given that most people (especially women) become extremely conscious about these and want to avoid these ageing effects of skin. Over the past few decades, skin fillers and Botox have begun to play a major role in skin rejuvenation, especially from the various ageing effects.  

Let us look at these two methods and how they have worked their magic around skin care.

Botox: Botox is a neurotoxin obtained from botulinumA . It relaxes the muscles and decreases the fine lines and wrinkles.  It is used commonly for crows feet, frown lines, forehead lines etc

The Botox injections are usually done in the outpatient setting and require about half an hour to an hour. The areas for injection are marked and after the procedure, the patient can go back to a regular schedule, including working.  It might require repeat injections, about 4 to 6 months later, depending on how well the skin responds and the expectations of the patients.

Fillers: Another routinely and commonly used way to manage deep lines and  wrinkles are the dermal fillers. The elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin are lost with age and these filler injections replace the lost substances in very quick time and thereby restore youthful skin quickly. There is a loosening of the collagen and elastin, which produces loose skin and sagging.  The fillers occupy the space left behind by the lost collagen and elastin and actually ‘fill’ up the extra available space. This gives a firmer, younger looking skin.  The lines and creases are eliminated. They can also be used to produce thicker lips, lifting cheeks and plumping temples.

So, if you are worried about ageing effects of skin, talk to your dermatologist to find out if Botox or fillers can do the trick for you!!

Vampire Facial:  Also known as platelet rich plasma therapy. This procedure improves the texture of the skin, increases the collagen and elastin production. In this procedure around 15ml of blood is taken and separated in a centrifuge. The plasma obtained is rich in all the growth factors and helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, plumps the skin and brightens the skin.

HIFU: High intensity focused ultrasound is a novel treatment for sagging skin, open pores. Only one session is done and the effect can last for almost 8months to a year. In this treatment ultrasonic waves and passed through the skin which helps in collagen and elastin remodelling and stimulates its production. Remodelling of collagen and elastin fibers gives an instant toning effect to the sagging skin. The stimulation and tightening of skin continues for a period of around 4months. This is a favourite treatment among young and matured adults as it takes only 2 hours and counted as a lunchtime procedure.

Wrinkles / Fine Lines

Aging is unavoidable. As we get mature fine lines and wrinkles develop when we smile or laugh and sometimes even without any expression. Certain folds like around the nose and mouth deepen giving an aged look. But with technologies available @ Skin4U Clinic we can help you age gracefully. Our experienced dermatologist first examine our skin and then suggest treatments according to your requirement. Photofacial is a treatment which can be started as early as 30 yrs of age to delay ageing. Mesoroller or platelet rich plasma therapy are anti ageing treatments but with a downtime of 2-3 days. Thermage or HIFU can be done in the 40s or 50s to boost collagen production for tightening of skin. HIFU has emerged as a favourite anti ageing treatment as the effect is seen immediately after the procedure and the tightening goes on for a few months. The effect of HIFU can last for a year or more. There is no downtime with this treatment. Botox and fillers are treatments wherein results are seen immediately and can last from 4 months to 1 year respectively. These are for clients who have less time in hand and might not be able to come for multiple sessions.


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